Every Home Should Have One

Every Home Should Have One

Excellent Short Walks in the North Island: Totally Revised and Updated

Excellent Short Walks in the North Island: Totally Revised and Updated

Unexpected New Zealand

The Weirdest and most Amazing Places to visit off the beaten track

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By Peter Janssen
Format Paperback / softback
Page Extent 368
Book Size 260 x 210 x 25 mm
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 1/11/2021
Subject Classification Travel & holiday / Travel & holiday guides

New Zealand is a land of quirky collectors, larger-than-life characters, unusual backyard projects and some of the most beautiful ‘off the beaten track’ scenery in the world.

Unexpected New Zealand travels across the country searching out quirky experiences and sublime scenery that are known to locals but are most often bypassed by visitors heading to better-known attractions. This book is similar to the Worth A Detour series but this book features images for every destination and lots of new attractions.


Stroll empty beaches, experience unusual sights and adventures and uncover the other side of New Zealand’s history and landscape with this comprehensive guidebook.

Respected and award winning New Zealand travel writer Peter Janssen uncovers some of the country’s unknown treasures that most New Zealanders didn’t even know existed!

“I have travelled just about every road and visited every town in the North Island, but I’m drawn to the quirky places bypassed by travellers and the eccentric characters that have great stories to tell.” says Peter.

Did you know that Springfield has a statue of a donut thanks to The Simpsons? Or that we have a Riff Raff Statue in tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Have you visited the museum dedicated to Socks and knitting machines?

Unexpected New Zealand covers New Zealand’s history dating back to Kupe. Pas, historic trees and natural wonders feature alongside industrial wonders and museums dedicated to the unique and the wonderful.

Divided into geographic areas of the country and each entry includes descriptions, history, directions, addresses and contact phone numbers where relevant. Colour photographs bring the text to life and all the reader has to decide is which attraction to visit next.

Peter Janssen is a highly recognised & respected New Zealand travel writer who constantly travels the country researching his books.

The author of more than 15 books, his recent titles with New Holland include Worth A Detour North/South Island, Excellent Short Walks in North Island/South Island, A Walk A Day, A New Zealander’s Guide to Touring Natural New Zealand and NZ Pubs – 175 Classic Pubs to Visit.


He particularly enjoyed researching and visiting some of the uniquely ‘weird’ and wonderful locations mentioned in this book!

Peter Janssen

Award-winning travel writer Peter Janssen is the best-selling author of many travel guides. He is a keen outdoorsman who has traveled the country extensively over the years, both enjoying the popular spots and finding those hidden-away places.

Some of his more recent books include: A Walk a Day, Excellent Walks in the North Island, Excellent Walks in the South Island, Exploring Aotearoa, Best Short Nature Walks, Wild Auckland, Outstanding Scenic Walks of New Zealand, Pubs, and Best selling Worth a Detour North Island and Worth a Detour South Island.