Ben Dessen

Ben Dessen has travelled widely to see first-hand how different animals are surviving in the world he also has a degree in and distinctions in Animal Science and Conservation Biology. He is active on social media, making it easy to keep up with him and his adventures. Ben has been involved in the plight of the orangutan in Borneo; clearing their rainforest habitat to plant millions of oil palm trees is leaving orangutans without a home. Like so many of our beautiful animals, their very survival is dependent on maintaining the environment in which they live. Ben Dessen is a manager of one of the most modern and diverse pet stores in Australia and looks after the Reptile Department overseeing a collectionof 300 reptiles which has set the benchmark for the pet industry in Australia and around the world . His knowledge of reptiles in particular, is amazing. If you are keen on snakes or lizards, then he has the answers. Ben previously worked at the Australian Reptile Park. He is also a resident teacher at the Future Vet Kids Camp where I mentor children and teenagers, encouraging their passion for pursuing a career working with wildlife and animals. He also holds a volunteer position as the live-in Caretaker and Sanctuary Manager of the Kangaroo Protection Co-operative, which is a wildlife sanctuary and orphanage.
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