Peter Rowland

Peter Rowland is author of The Photographic Guide to Birds of Australia and The Green Guide to Birds of Australia , and has contributed written and photographic material to many other wildlife books, magazines and scientific journals. In 1998 Peter was a recipient of a Whitley Award for his contribution to the Green Guide natural history series. Although born in Australia, Peter spent his childhood growing up in the south of England where he would spend hours birding in and around the woodlands and cliffs near his home. Since moving to Australia in the early 1980s, Peter worked for 20 years in the bird, reptile, mammal and terrestrial ecology departments at the Australian Museum, Sydney, as a curatorial assistant and environmental consultant. Peter has travelled extensively throughout Australia, for both work and pleasure, researching and photographing it’s amazing wildlife. Peter’s favourite fauna group is birds, but also enjoys most of the other wildlife that inhabits our planet (with the exception of mosquitoes, which absolutely love to feast on him whenever they get the chance!)
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