Sundowner of the Skies - Updated edition

Sundowner of the Skies - Updated edition

Annie's Boy

Annie's Boy

The Secret to a Healthy Spine

A user's guide to overcoming back pain

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By Jason Gilbert
Format Paperback / softback
Page Extent 256
Book Size 320 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 6/05/2022
Subject Classification Family & health / Coping with personal problems / Coping with illness

The Secret to a Healthy Spine is the definitive instructional manual, a user’s guide, on how to care for, maintain, and rectify problems when they occur. It works. Over 100 000 people all around the world have benefited from this knowledge over the last 25 years. It presents a refreshing, common-sense approach to spinal care, one that I am sure will not only allow your back to be pain-free in no time but one that also promotes the longevity of your spine and quality of your health throughout your life.

Without being aware of the effects that everyday activities like sleeping, sitting, working, or playing sports have on our spine, we use our body and wait until it degenerates or starts to cause obvious symptoms like pain before we start considering its importance. Our spine protects the critical parts of our nervous system, the spinal cord, and nerve roots, which are responsible for transferring all the information from the brain to the body via nerve impulses.

If there are blockages in the communication of these nerve impulses, the body simply starts to change from a state of health or “ease” to a state of “disease” because its cells, tissues, and organs cannot function correctly without 100% of the electrical nerve information that originates in the brain.

This often happens without any obvious signs (especially in the early phases of any disease process). We continue our lives oblivious to the harmful effects that our traumas, bad posture, minor aches, and a variety of other symptoms derived from emotional problems, job responsibilities, and other daily activities, have on our health and vertebral columns.

Most people know that taking pain killers to relieve pain or anti-inflammatory medication for something like a herniated disc or osteoarthritis only masks the problem; yet most of the time, they genuinely do not know how else to resolve it. They know that they are not treating the real cause of the symptom and it’s just a matter of time before the condition returns and progresses to more intense and severe symptoms.

Jason Gilbert

Jason first felt back pain at the age of seven. He didn’t know it at the time, but his functional and structural spinal problem would eventually lead him to spinal surgery. Well before this, however, these problems led him to study and complete a 5-year master of Chiropractic program, which allowed him to work with hundreds of thousands of people all around the world and, as a result, develop a profound understanding of why back pain occurs. During his journey, he has also accumulated extensive knowledge and achieved the following significant goals, which all contribute to the wealth of understanding that he passes on to you via his new book.

Bachelor of Science- Master of Chiropractic-Diploma of Acupuncture- Jason Gilbert has been a Sports Physician with the World Surfing League for 20 years. He specialises in the restoration of biomechanical function, both for athletes and those who have lost it due to inadequate postural problems.

Jason feels that being expertly qualified to guide you towards spinal health comes from both his own journey with back pain, his academic qualifications, and his deep clinical knowledge gained from listening to and guiding hundreds of thousands of people towards spinal function, and therefore pain- free lifestyles, over the last three decades.