Famous Graves To Visit Before You Die

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By Steve Cooper
Format Paperback / softback
Book Size 210 x 170 x 17 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 1/09/2015
Subject Classification History / General & world history

There are some living legends that are so big, that even dead, they're larger than life. Famous Graves to Visit Before You Die showcases the final resting places of the famous, the infamous and the historic _ from Bogart and JFK, to Henry VIII and the Great Pyramid of Giza, they're all here in one great book. Compiled by former history teacher and author Steve Cooper, this eclectic list features potted biographies of each subject, the stories behind their often fascinating lives and spectacular deaths, and maps and images of their gravesites around the world.

Covering the varying forms of the famous, whether a political powerhouse, an infamous troublemaker, or a film and TV legend, details of their famous lives, demise and final resting place is laid out for the reader to explore. Famous Graves to Visit Before You Die is a great book for anyone with a curiosity for the more macabre aspects of the lives of the rich and famous.

S.K. Cooper

Steven Cooper is a former history teacher, with degrees in ancient history and philosophy. In the 1990s, Steven became a screenwriter, working on a number of film and TV projects. Leaders taps into Steve’s love of history and our general fascination with fame, fortune and mortality. Steve lives with his wife and three children and continues to write, edit and research future book and film projects.