The Wanda Beach Murders

The Wanda Beach Murders

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Bugs in Close-Up

That Fry Boy


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By James Fry
Format Paperback / softback
Book Size 14 x 154 x 234 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 8/12/2015
Subject Classification Biography: general / Autobiography: general

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From a happy go lucky boy being raised in a loving middle class family with the world in front of him, to teen addict and juvenile offender on the cusp of death in a hospital emergency department, James memoir "That Fry Boy" serves as both a cautionary and educative tale of the horrific impact that bullying can have on a young developing mind. The reader is given a rare front row seat into the life of a child who was subjected to years of relentless bullying, along with the devastating downward trajectory that followed as he seeks escape in drugs and alcohol, leading to a ferocious addiction. But just as startling as his spiral into addiction and emotional destitution was, so to is his journey towards sobriety and ultimate redemption.

From terrified child and teen drunk, to university graduate and highly regarded community professional, working with the very same kind of troubled youth that James once was. His story is also one of hope against all odds. In a society where bullying is now firmly at the centre of discussion, be it amongst mothers at the school gate through to politicians in Parliament, James first hand account, complete with his observation on how the education system and later the justice system failed to address what was at the root cause of his self destruction, could not have come at a better time.

James Fry

James grew up in a middle-class family, the eldest of three brothers. Not long after starting a new school, he became the target of a relentless bully, who subjected him to years of life changing trauma. From this experience, James has worked in a variety of community welfare roles including as a Paramedic, and Children’s Court program coordinator. Since 2011 James has worked as youth justice conference convener, which has him tasked with bringing juvenile offenders and their victims together in a restorative justice process. James holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Criminology and Criminal Justice.