Butterflies Of The World

Butterflies Of The World

Whale Watching in Australian and New Zealand Waters

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By Peter Gill, Cecilia Burke and Pieter Folkens
Format Paperback / softback
Page Extent 148
Book Size 207 x 148 x 9 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint Reed New Holland
Release Date 1/07/2011
Subject Classification The natural world, country life & pets / Wildlife: general interest / Wildlife: aquatic creatures

In recent years whale watching in Australia and New Zealand has become a passion for many people. Both countries are home to numerous species of whales and dolphins.

There are now established whale-watching tour operators in many coastal towns making it much easier to observe these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. This updated edition features: new species information; conservation status (eg. endangered vs safe); species updates; whale watching sites updated (including the Gold Coast). This definitive easy-to-follow guide is for all adventurous holiday-makers, amateur naturalists and students who want to take a closer and well-informed look at these fascinating mammals. This beautifully illustrated book will guide you on a fascinating expedition into the world of whales and dolphins and is the essential reference book for all who want to fully experience and enjoy whale watching.

Peter Gill

Cecilia Burke

Pieter Folkens